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This data privacy declaration applies for UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. website. The provider of the site content and the party therefore responsible for it is UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. The pages on this site may contain hyperlinks to other providers inside and outside the UniCredit Group; this data protection declaration does not cover such providers. Personal data arising in connection with this website is collected, processed and used solely in accordance with Luxembourg data protection legislation.

How will we use your data?

Various types of personal data arise in connection with our website; we use this data in the following ways:

  • – If you communicate with us via our website or issue instructions to us, for example to send you an annual report, we will use your data solely to process your the service.
  • – We will also use data about you which we receive when you register for a service, for example e-mail subscription, solely to the extent necessary to perform the service.
  • – We maintain anonymous records of access to our website. We evaluate these records statistically in order to analyze and improve its structure and ease of navigation.

Where does your data go?

Your enquiries and communications are processed by staff of UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. We use an external service provider for the technical implementation of our website. This provider is contractually obliged to process data arising via the website solely in accordance with the instructions of UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. Apart from this, we do not pass your data to any other companies.