MiFID/Best Execution Policy for Transaction in Financial Instruments

The information concerning “execution of securities orders” (ORDERS EXECUTION POLICY) can be found in the MiFID Starter Package (Version: October 2018). For additional information please also refer to General Terms and Conditions and Special Conditions for Securities Trading of UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A and the Best Execution Policy UCB AG Milan Branch.

More detailed information concerning the product types described in the ORDERS EXECUTION POLICY and Best Execution Policy may be found in the brochure entitled “Basic Information on Investment in Securities and Other Investments”.

UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. aims to treat its clients fairly and equally, both when interacting with them and when dealing on their behalf. In particular, when employees are aware that they or UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. have a material interest that could influence their dealings, that interest must generally be disregarded, and employees must act in the best interests of the client. More detailed information on how the bank manages conflicts of interest can be found in the section of the MiFID Starter Package (Version: October 2018) regarding “Conflict of Interest Policy”.

Please ask your relationship manager for any clarification you may need.

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